Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Physical/Digital :: our intimate web - sensors, speech, and a physical digital future

Tangerinie Internet Meets Build with Chrome
Notes and the deck from a talk I gave recently about some possibilities for the future of physical digital technology.
Thanks to Creative Morning Sydney; to AXIS & CAANZ in New Zealand, and to Qantas & TEDx

I'm increasingly fascinated by the journey we are on and how quickly we will move through the 'screen-age' of technology into the augmented, or physical digital age.
So this is a talk, some research for a book project and just, well, interesting brain food I hope.

As a summary:
Digital can be enchanting, personal & intimate
Life filled with information that flows around you like magic.
This talk is sort of about...

What information looks like at the moment :: Streams and Tools and Signals.

How we find it :: sensors, speech, and the quantified self

How we consume it :: wearable tech, intimate technology,  and enchanted objects.
And what that means - about being relevant, useful and simple.

Last slide has a dozen videos if you're into that.

if you like more than pretty pictures - here are the notes: